Rise up.

In the kitchen, just to my left, I have a loaf of bread warming in the bread-maker. It smells so good, I will  lose my mind if it doesn’t hurry up and finish baking soon.

Other than that, no heavy topical discussions or whatnot. Even this picture to the right is an old one I took when I visited Lisbon last year. In fact, this is the second-to-last thing I posted on my Flickr feed and that was eight months ago.

Ok, keeping it short. There’s no point in you watching me think out loud here. This is all just warm-ups for now and I will start writing interesting things in the near-to-far-off future.


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Once a full-time software developer. Chances are if you've paid for a beer or a sandwich on any major airline in the past 5 years, code I wrote has reached you. I shifted to part-time software developing about a year ago, as a step towards a better quality of life. I still code but the 20-hour work days are a thing of the past. Lately I amuse myself by pretending I am a witty and insightful blogger. All three of those things ("witty", "insightful" and "blogger") are totally false. My promise to you: nowhere in this blog will you see source-code or technical speak. This is purely a blog for personal fun and discovery. View all posts by rocjoe

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