Keep Your Friends Close and Your Notebook Even Closer

If you’re going to write, then write.

No, that’s not right, scratch that. Start with this:

If you’re going to write, then better have a place to put that writing in.

Much better!

So what is the point? I first thought of this post over morning coffee, no particular day this week.

No laptop… No smartphone to hunt-and-peck a posting full of  typos and incoherence… No, oh, let’s be honest: I had something better to do than write a blog post at just the same moment the very idea occurred to me, so how did this posting ever come to be?

I had a notebook… a small notebook and a nubby little pencil that sits in the bottom of my daypack, minding its own business until I need it. I jotted down my idea in 50 words or less, then went back to the thing I really wanted to do.

If there is yet another thing I keep teaching myself over and over is taking a notebook everywhere is my habit, not my hobby. The over all goal is to write a lot more than in the past; that won’t happen unless I provide myself with something to write in! For years upon years I did myself no service by promising myself “I’ll remember it later“… I didn’t. Nobody does. A prize-winning idea or two is lost in the ether every week when relying on memory alone.


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