Searching for Writing Ideas

Just one of those days: the impulse to write is definitely here, yet the mind is a blank and searching – vainly – for a topic.

Moments like this make me suspect I burned off excess energy last week, instead of building momentum. It’s confusing when the two outcomes are possible doing the same activity. The only difference is where your efforts take you. Me? I am at mostly the same spot I found myself in last week, with no forward movement to point to. I would call that a lack of momentum, wouldn’t you?

I am going to turn this into a learning opportunity by forgoing the pressure to write, taking out my notebook instead and jotting down every possible blog/writing idea I can think of. In fact this will be my new daily habit for accumulating writing ideas. Call it “preparation”. Call it “homework”.

Will it work? You will start to see more posts here if it does.

P.S. Boring topics like the one above shall be excluded from any list.


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