Another Glorious Spring Day

As I throw open the curtains today, I am greeted by a fine Spring morning: the sun shines bright, climbing up a clear-blue sky.

Oh look at that! A bunny! Out from your rabbit-hole are we, Mr. Bunny?

Well this is turning into one fine Spring day already. Wiggle your nose if you agree, Mr. Bunny! … my thoughts exactly!

And look over there, a squirrel has hopped into my perfect Spring picture. Go say “hi” to Mr. Bunny, Mr. Squirrel! Ha! Look at that, the squirrel is making his way over to the bunny! Never seen that before, how odd.

…Gee, that squirrel and bunny are just looking at each other, I mean really staring each other down. That really is kind of strange, don’t you think?

After breakfast I’m going to have to go for a nice long walk in the– hey, that squirrel appears to have some sort of object in its front paws… a very pointy object… Hey, Mr. Bunny! Take a step back! This is not time to be brave, just …step… off! Hey, Mr. Squirrel, just chill, it’s cool why don’t we all just–


Seriously, some days this neighborhood kinda freaks me out a little.


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