Dick is Talking to You

Going to a restaurant with me is never dull… it’s not fun either, but at least its not dull:

Waiter: “Good evening, I’ll be your waiter for this evening… Dick”

Me: “Good evening, can you recommend the seafood here?”

Waiter: “Seafood is arse specialty!”

Me: “Fine, then… wait… did you say ‘arse specialty’?”

Waiter: “Bum?”

Me: “Did you just answer my question with ‘bum’?”

Waiter: “No, I didn’t hear your question clearly so I said ‘Hmm?'”

Me: “Sounded like ‘bum’…”

Waiter: “It must be Tourette’s Syndrome.”

Me: “You have Tourette’s? Well, I’m sorry about that-”

Waiter: “No, I meant YOU have Tourette’s.”

Me: “I… have Tourette’s… in… my ears?”

Waiter: “Precisely.”

Me: “That’s the most ridiculous thing I’ve heard all day.”

Waiter: “You should listen to yourself talk, it’s more ridiculous than you know.”

Me: “Whatever, Dick… I’ll just have the steak.”

Waiter: “See? There you go again!”


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