Air Conditioning… Not So Cool

A hot night, preceded by an above-average hot day. When its that hot, there’s no fun under the midday sun, so I worked through the day without looking up from the computer little over an hour ago. On go the shoes, on go the headphones and out I go to work up a little thirst before settling down with the west-coast baseball feeds.

Somehow, it might seem a little nice, going out for a peaceful late-evening walk but it just gnaws at me because it’s just a little too peaceful… There’s hardly anybody out there. Yes, it’s no secret that it is uncommonly hot this week. Very uncommon, but mild nights like this are better seen on the steamier side of the window and nothing could convince me otherwise. Thinking of the places I’ve been, the ones where staying at home is the least comfortable option makes for the best night life.

In Zanzibar Town, the days are so hot the stone buildings are still giving heat off in waves at midnight. Not that many would notice, everybody is in the park by the beach. Friends, buskers and hustlers would all agree there’s no better place.

In old Marrakech the center of the city is a giant public square that walking across at midday is what it must feel like to walk over hot coals, shimmering heat in every direction you look. But when night falls, the square fills up with these portable restaurant stalls, complete with seats and counters for diners. You pick the food you want to eat and watch the cook cook it.

Those are just two of my favorites. Let me put it this way by lining up a few points:

Activity #1: Typical Night, A/C-free Zone

Activity# 2: Typical Night, w/Air-Con

  1. Go someplace where cold drinks are served
  2. Meet friends
  3. Watch sunset
  4. Ponder whether to eat at patio restaurant or from stand beside shish-kebob cart
  1. Get home
  2. Check the temperature, lower it by five degrees
  3. Watch TV
  4. Ponder life in the rat-race

There’s no point trying to judge one or the other, but if I had the choice, if it was simply an option around here, I know which one I’d choose.

That’s all for now, I’m a slow typist and my beer is only going to get warmer with every extra word!


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