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Mind those arrows…

Left-arrow: takes you to a list of all the reasons you get passed over for promotions.

Right-arrow: leads you uo a gymnasium with a chin-up bar and your high-school gyn-coach, ready to shout "encouragement" at you.


Another Glorious Spring Day

As I throw open the curtains today, I am greeted by a fine Spring morning: the sun shines bright, climbing up a clear-blue sky.

Oh look at that! A bunny! Out from your rabbit-hole are we, Mr. Bunny?

Well this is turning into one fine Spring day already. Wiggle your nose if you agree, Mr. Bunny! … my thoughts exactly!

And look over there, a squirrel has hopped into my perfect Spring picture. Go say “hi” to Mr. Bunny, Mr. Squirrel! Ha! Look at that, the squirrel is making his way over to the bunny! Never seen that before, how odd.

…Gee, that squirrel and bunny are just looking at each other, I mean really staring each other down. That really is kind of strange, don’t you think?

After breakfast I’m going to have to go for a nice long walk in the– hey, that squirrel appears to have some sort of object in its front paws… a very pointy object… Hey, Mr. Bunny! Take a step back! This is not time to be brave, just …step… off! Hey, Mr. Squirrel, just chill, it’s cool why don’t we all just–


Seriously, some days this neighborhood kinda freaks me out a little.

Searching for Writing Ideas

Just one of those days: the impulse to write is definitely here, yet the mind is a blank and searching – vainly – for a topic.

Moments like this make me suspect I burned off excess energy last week, instead of building momentum. It’s confusing when the two outcomes are possible doing the same activity. The only difference is where your efforts take you. Me? I am at mostly the same spot I found myself in last week, with no forward movement to point to. I would call that a lack of momentum, wouldn’t you?

I am going to turn this into a learning opportunity by forgoing the pressure to write, taking out my notebook instead and jotting down every possible blog/writing idea I can think of. In fact this will be my new daily habit for accumulating writing ideas. Call it “preparation”. Call it “homework”.

Will it work? You will start to see more posts here if it does.

P.S. Boring topics like the one above shall be excluded from any list.

Keep Your Friends Close and Your Notebook Even Closer

If you’re going to write, then write.

No, that’s not right, scratch that. Start with this:

If you’re going to write, then better have a place to put that writing in.

Much better!

So what is the point? I first thought of this post over morning coffee, no particular day this week.

No laptop… No smartphone to hunt-and-peck a posting full of  typos and incoherence… No, oh, let’s be honest: I had something better to do than write a blog post at just the same moment the very idea occurred to me, so how did this posting ever come to be?

I had a notebook… a small notebook and a nubby little pencil that sits in the bottom of my daypack, minding its own business until I need it. I jotted down my idea in 50 words or less, then went back to the thing I really wanted to do.

If there is yet another thing I keep teaching myself over and over is taking a notebook everywhere is my habit, not my hobby. The over all goal is to write a lot more than in the past; that won’t happen unless I provide myself with something to write in! For years upon years I did myself no service by promising myself “I’ll remember it later“… I didn’t. Nobody does. A prize-winning idea or two is lost in the ether every week when relying on memory alone.

How do you get to Konserthuset? Practice, practice, practice!

Close-up TrigonometryWell popular thought says that you need 4,000 hours of practice to become proficient at any field of interest. This is not a hard and fast rule to follow, but it bears up in my mind. You certainly need practice and 4,000 hours of anything is about 100 weeks of 8-hour workdays, five days a week and that feels about right with every job I stuck with for more than two years: I really didn’t hit my stride until the third trip around.

So that is where this blog comes in to play: more practice! With every word typed I feel fractionally more proficient than I was ten minutes ago. Like, about 0.000001% more proficient with each press of the space bar.

While I type I am aware that I am a little in awe of those who get to do this all day long, knowing exactly what they’re going to have at the end of the day… and they get money for it. That is so freaking neat. Maybe I should go to J-school and work my way in to a job like that. The likely outcome is I will find out the picture above is really a romantic ideal of how writing for a living works. Really it isn’t a good idea to look to closely at these things. it is paralyzing to wonder at all the ways things could possibly go wrong.

* Konserthuset is the name of the venue in Stockholm, Sweden where the Nobel Prizes are presented to the winners.

Rise up.

In the kitchen, just to my left, I have a loaf of bread warming in the bread-maker. It smells so good, I will  lose my mind if it doesn’t hurry up and finish baking soon.

Other than that, no heavy topical discussions or whatnot. Even this picture to the right is an old one I took when I visited Lisbon last year. In fact, this is the second-to-last thing I posted on my Flickr feed and that was eight months ago.

Ok, keeping it short. There’s no point in you watching me think out loud here. This is all just warm-ups for now and I will start writing interesting things in the near-to-far-off future.

Ok, getting a little tired now…

I will give this one more shot at cross-posting before I give up on it until tomorrow.


…Cross your fingers.