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How do you get to Konserthuset? Practice, practice, practice!

Close-up TrigonometryWell popular thought says that you need 4,000 hours of practice to become proficient at any field of interest. This is not a hard and fast rule to follow, but it bears up in my mind. You certainly need practice and 4,000 hours of anything is about 100 weeks of 8-hour workdays, five days a week and that feels about right with every job I stuck with for more than two years: I really didn’t hit my stride until the third trip around.

So that is where this blog comes in to play: more practice! With every word typed I feel fractionally more proficient than I was ten minutes ago. Like, about 0.000001% more proficient with each press of the space bar.

While I type I am aware that I am a little in awe of those who get to do this all day long, knowing exactly what they’re going to have at the end of the day… and they get money for it. That is so freaking neat. Maybe I should go to J-school and work my way in to a job like that. The likely outcome is I will find out the picture above is really a romantic ideal of how writing for a living works. Really it isn’t a good idea to look to closely at these things. it is paralyzing to wonder at all the ways things could possibly go wrong.

* Konserthuset is the name of the venue in Stockholm, Sweden where the Nobel Prizes are presented to the winners.